Eligibility criteria:

  1. Any organization participating in the Awards should be an Indian entity with at least 2 year registered presence as on February 28, 2018
  2. Participating individual should be working as a driver in the road transport industry for at least 1 year as on February 28, 2018
  3. Participating organizations should be in the field of road transportation in bus category
  4. If the entity has multiple offices, the entry should be entered only from head office
  5. The initiative/ innovation/ project/ service should have been fully implemented and impact should demonstrate a measurable impact for the period March 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018
  6. The initiative/ innovation/ project/ service should be completely executed in the Indian operations of the participant organization
  7. Information provided on the application form are subject to verification
  8. Employees and immediate family members of the award management, sponsors and partners of the awards are not allowed to participate in the Awards
  9. Participation in India Bus Awards 2018 is subject to defined terms and conditions available on the website www.indiabusawards.com

Instructions for filling the form

  1. A participant can apply for the Awards by logging on to the website www.indiabusawards.com and filling the completed application form along with the supporting documents directly on the website
  2. Forms should be in English language only
  3. All mandatory questions (symbolised by *) must be answered. Incomplete forms or forms with incomplete sections may not be considered
  4. Participant can send multiple application forms for same category or separate categories provided it is for a different initiative/ innovation/ project/ service. If multiple entry forms are received for same initiative/ innovation/ project/ service then only one form will be considered and others will be disqualified
  5. The participant should not be a winner of the Award in any of the previous editions for the same initiative/ innovation/ project/ service
  6. The application form must be stamped with organization stamp and signed by authorized signatory from the participant organization and uploaded on the website
  7. Please provide up to 5 supporting documents wherever possible, to support your entry details. Supporting documents have to be in the following formats only – pdf, doc, jpeg etc. Size of each document cannot exceed 2 MB
  8. Scanned copy of driving license must be attached for nominating for Bus Driver
  9. Please provide below supporting document:
    • Initiative / innovation / project / service start date on the letter head of the company or individual
    • Initiative / innovation / project / service date of impact on the letter head of the company or individual
    • Participant’s applying for individual category need to provide ID proof – copy of your Aadhar card, Driver’s license, Passport, etc.
  10. The form must reach the following address latest by 30th April, 2018 Address: AbhiBus Services India Pvt. Ltd. Floor 1, GNR’s RV INSIGNIA, Silicon Valley Layout, Image Garden Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad, India – 500081
  11. In case of any queries relating to the application form or participation in the awards please contact Mr. Asish Kumar Pattnaik at asishkumar.p@indiabusawards.com

Award category – Top Bus Driver

Category Definition

Recognize the best bus driver on the basis of driving skills, mechanical knowledge, traffic and MV awareness.

SECTION 1: Participant information

All Fields are mandatory
Name of Entity / Company
Address of registered Head Office in India
Contact Person
Off Ph:
Email id
Gender Male Female
Nominated Driver Details(Note: Only if the nomination is being filled for Best Driver)
Driver Name
Email id
Date of incorporation
Type of transporter  
Driving License Number
License valid till
Model of bus driven
OEM Name:
(eg: Mahindra, Tata, Ashok Leyaland, etc)
Bus Model Number:
( eg: 2515, 4018, etc)
Pin Code
Please select location for the driving test    

Section 2: Case Study of Driver

a. Why have you nominated yourself or the driver for this award? (max 100 words)
b. How has the driver helped in the growth of the organization? (max 100 words)
c. What are the strengths of the driver? (max 100 words)
d. How does the driver work with the team? Provide some instances where he has showed team work and co-ordinated well with the team (max 100 words)
e. What are the top 3 unique points about the driver you have nominated? (max 75 words)

f. What special action has he taken to meet or exceed customer expectations? What was the outcome of his action? (max 100 words)

g. Has he taken any initiatives to create a positive impact on fellow drivers or the people around you? If yes, what were those initiatives and what have been the benefits? (max 100 words)

h. Any legal case against the driver in present or in the past, please mention the reason for the legal case? Has it been resolved, if yes then share the result of the case (max 100 words)

i.Any other information about the driver you have nominated you wish to tell the jury.


   I/We agree, on behalf of my Organization, to abide by the rules of the ‘India Bus Awards 2018' and accept that the decisions of the Jury are final. I confirm that my organization is eligible to take part in this competition and that all information in this application and accompanying documents are correct to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of person submitting the form: *
Organization’s seal/stamp  
Attach supporting document
Attach supporting document
Attach supporting document

* The Application Form needs to be signed by the authorized signatory is from the participant's organization (MD, CEO, COO, Chairman or Proprietor)